Episode 47 with J.J. Josh and Eric

Hosts of The Full Hard Podcast

Josh Lamb

Josh Lamb has a Black Belt in Sarcasm and a Masters in Smart-Assery. In fact, he is quite possibly the most interesting guy you will ever meet. You know those commercials about the most interesting guy in the world? Well fuck that guy because Josh Lamb would school that guy in anything. Sports stats, movie quotes, hell…If you want to be somebody, be Josh fucking Lamb because he goddamn sizzles.

J.J. Bonar

J.J. Bonar has a Masters Degree in European Economics. He does not have that degree but what he lacks in your ‘so called’ credentials he makes up for in loyalty. That’s right, he is loyal as fuck if you were fortunate enough to get into his inner circle of friends you could attest to this. It’s not easy to get into his circle of friends but you probably could for about fifty bucks.

Dylan Wade

Bio Coming Soon.

Eric Holmes

Eric Holmes won a rap battle one time and won’t shut up about it. A self proclaimed “purveyor of knowledge” who might aspire to a plane of intellect that would rival the elite of fatuous mouth-breathers if only he would open a book once in a while and stop eating crayons. Fortunately he totally parties and isn’t too bad in the sack in spite of the fact that his phallus is the size of a Tootsie Roll. Also, for what it’s worth, he hates breaded chicken and irony… I don’t get it either.