Full Hard After Dark

After Dark: The Pilot Episode

Warning: no one should every listen to this. The host aren’t good people and you will not be good listening to it. May Xenu have mercy on your soul.

EP67: Josh Makes a Prediction

Welcome to the Fullest Hardest Podcastiest show on the interwebs. This week J.J. got sunburned and Josh had a chill holiday. The guys talk about their Fourth of July Fireworks experiences and Josh …

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EP66: K, Why? We’ll Tell You Why.

In this Star Spangled Awesome episode the guys talk about Chekovs Gun, why they don’t just have two dudes in the KY Jelly commercial on the Logo Channel and Josh coins …

Episode 63 of the Full Hard Podcast with Josh and J.J.

EP65: Rich Whitey Takes in Black Youth

In this episode J.J. talks about “City” Days like LaVista, Papillion, Trenor and an amusement ride that terrified him. Josh talks about Cosmic Irony like how he will die because someone …

Episode 63 of The Full Hard Podcast

EP63: Don’t Be Dumb

Hey y’all. It’s a me J.J.! Coming to you live from your computer or phone or whatever internet connected device you listen to our show on. I should be typing …

Episode 62 of the Full Hard Podcast with Science Correspondent Sonja

EP62: The League of Seven!

Greetings fellow space travelers and welcome to another edition of The Big Black Muff Show The Full Hard Podcast. In the $2 million dollar studio we have Full Hard Science …

Episode 61 of The Full Hard Podcast

EP61: The Roger Maris Episode

This week, Josh and J.J. tell us about how the Russians hacked our websites and they do a thorough examination of all the Superman movies.  Should you just stay home …