EP11: Big Al and JT Habersaat

In this very epic episode, Josh & J.J. explore the subliminal power of “I don’t know” as well as discuss Josh’s true reason for not shopping at Wal-mart.

Comedian JT Habersaat does a phone interview with Josh discussing the ups and downs of touring and the ties with rock/punk/metal.

Local musician and all around super hero Big Al joins our million dollar studio to talk about the BAMF and the excellent causes it supports. All past , present, and future.

Eric Holmes with the FH5
Knowledge & shit
The mail
The 6-pack

and our feature band Knife of Simpson . Excepts from their unreleased live album are here exclusively.

Dylan wade sits perv-side  and Kingston Lamb even drops in. Over 3 hours… Could the episode be any longer?

“I don’t know”.

You can find out about Big Al’s Music Fest and Food Drive HERE.
Check out Knife of Simpson HERE.
Check out where you can see JT Habersaat HERE.

EP11: Big Al and JT Habersaat

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