Jessica Errett

EP25: Jessica Errett

J.J. has exciting news and Josh has schmeh-ee news, but that’s ok, cuz we know pseudo-german-russian.
Eric explores the vast terrain known as Wyoming and Dylan sits perv-side, just a pervin’.

Omaha singer/songwriter and all-around super gal’ Jessica Errett joins the guys to talk about her projects, Femme-Fest, and surprise us dudes with beef jerky and bloodies. Did I mention how super she is ?

We also have for you a Superfan FH5, 6-pack of news, Babs, Metro-sexual Firemen, Bathrooms and Urinal Ads, Wine for dogs, we pay homage to The Big Lebowski (RIP) and Eric Holmes brings us a very naughty Knowledge and Shit. Thank you for listening, or as the Germans would say, Gracias!

Make sure to check out FEMME FEST 2016



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