EP34: Anderson Cowan

This week the guys talk about shackles, racial profiling, Halloween drinks, and church signs. YAY!!!

Our interview today is with the multi-talented Anderson Cowan. Anderson is a writer, director, producer, podcaster, was a huge part of the nationally syndicated show “Loveline” and has a new feature film he’s producing through his company ‘Cold Cockle Productions’. Josh talks to him about this as well as the challenges of making independent films VS the studios.

Dylan is a perv, Eric brings us a FH5 as well as a little craigslist love.

It’s not just locker room talk… It’s the Full Hard Podcast.

Groupers Pitch Video from Anderson Cowan on Vimeo.

You can contribute to Groupers HERE.
Read about the latest goings on with Anderson at www.andersoncowan.com



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