EP41: Shrimp Jockey

On a very special episode, the guys talk about race and gender. Things get a little hairy when the words sand, rice, and jockey is used. Oh the controversy.

Josh made $20 the easy way and JJ has 55 inches of awesome. (unrelated stories)

Eric Holmes ask the he-shes in the studio about gender identity and more!

It’s the full hard podcast and it identifies with everyone.


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  1. Re: Can you give mail carriers weed in Colorado?

    I don’t know what their policy is a far as receiving gifts or tips but there’s nothing illegal about giving someone weed assuming they’re old enough.

    Weed is pretty much treated similarly to alcohol. If you can do it with alcohol, you can probably do it with weed. If you can’t do it with alcohol, you probably can’t do it with weed.

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