Allison Ann Axiotis and Huston Hunter

EP42: Allison Ann Axiotis and Huston Hunter

On this show, J.J. & Josh do what they love to do best: talk to people that do a hell of a lot more creative stuff than they do. This is clearly no exception. From making independent movie scores to being a part of numerous bands , plus modeling and real-estating, how do these folks do it all? You’ll find out.

Say, you like alone time? No, not with a book…. the other alone time. The FH5 has to do with songs about that.

Eric gives us Part 2 of his interview with J.J. Nobody and gets his reaction after the ‘Bar Rescue’ episode aired.

Eric Holmes, living in the future, and the stories that are never told. today, on the full hard podcast… but don’t ever believe us when we say it is.


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