Episode 45 Ryan Osbahr

EP45: Ryan Osbahr

Welcome to the Holiday Edition of the Full Hard Podcast. Yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

We have special guest Ryan Osbahr in the 2 million dollar studio to talk music and follow up on the release of his album ‘Easy Way Out’.

One cup of eggnog is never enough so we have a double dose of ‘Perv-side’ this week with Dylan and the wacky neighbor Dan Olsen.

Eric brings us a very quotable FH5 and another family edition of Knowledge ‘n Shit.

“Awesome show!”
“I play a little guitar myself.”
“Oh yeah?”

Check out Ryan’s upcoming dates and purchase his album: www.ryanosbahr.com

Xenu wears the white beard and red suit in this joyous new episode!

Merry Christmas Mother F#$%ers!


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