Josh, Tom and J.J.

EP49: The Inauguration With Super Listener Tom Katalenich

Day one of a new America. Will we soon be wearing those tall fuzzy hats? Do we have to grab her by the p#%$y? We await word from our new beloved leader President Diet Shasta Orange.

The winner of our contest, who sent in the most cereal box tops… Super Listener Tom Katalenich joins us in the studio.

Did your GI Joe aircraft carrier make you a child member of the 1%? Do you like it when your significant other surprises you? Does your neighbor own twelve pit bulls? No? Call them in anyway. You swear that Sam Jackson said motherfucker… didn’t he?

Eric brings us a FH5 that’s pretty funny for a girl and has us look ‘n-word’ with some Tarantino movies.

We answer all these questions and more.

Это полный жесткий подкаста камрад!



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