EP50: Super Moon & Ryan Lieb

It’s the season finale of the Full Hard Podcast. We’ve made it 50 episodes. Thank you for listening.

In this episode we ask:

How long does it take to become a grumpy asshole? (Answer: About a week #SteveKingofDoucheBags)
How do acid and ecstasy really effect your perception of time?
Do you have to take a warm grapefruit to dinner and a movie?

Eric brings us a FH5 of top ranked comedies… but wait, there’s more!

Eric also brings us a Yay Yay or Nay Nay that broke all the rules in the girls school while smoking in the boys room upset from living on the edge of a broken heart.

In the $2,000,000 studio we have Omaha riffmeisters Super Moon and Owner-operator at Oblivion Booking Ryan Lieb.

What was the smoke monster? Who shot J.R.? It’s a first season cliff hanger, right here, on the Full Hard Podcast.

Check out all our guests info:

Listen to Super Moon HERE and check out their Facebook Page.

Check out Oblivion Booking HERE.

Check out Ryan’s band Sovereignty HERE and check out his show tonight HERE.

and… let the Super Moon guys know your coming to their show HERE.


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