Dan Olsen

EP51: Dan Olsen & Kevin Farley

Welcome to Season 2 of the Full Hard Podcast.

Ever wish you could back out of a conversation because you really just didn’t give a shit about what the other person is talking about? With Willis ‘Whatchoo Talkin ‘Bout’ Turtle, now you can.

From the guys that brought you the Pit Bull challenge, the amazing sounds of Turkish Bathhouse and Willis the Turtle, a new form of immersive football is just a call away. We bring you the Football stadium experience, right in the comfort of your own home! Listen to find out.

We have the Alec Baldwin of FHP guests in the studio it’s none other than Dan Olsen and Eric brings us an excellent interview with Kevin Farley.

Kevin Farley

Sack of Lions has 2 sold out shows at the Reverb coming up and we can get you and a guest in… listen to find out how.

Check out our new question of the week – send us your answer and we’ll read it on the show.


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