EP52 with Wendy Bettin

EP52: Wendy Bettin

Today in the $2 million dollar studio we have the owner of Maloney’s Pub Wendy Bettin. Maloney’s has a special event coming up and she talks all about how the idea came into place and what it’s like when Corey Feldman posts something on his website before you get a chance to confirm it.

We also talk about:

The science behind the smell of eggs with our new Science Correspondent Sonia Smith.
The dangers of racist dogs in dog parks.
Eric brings us a FH5 with backing music brought to you by Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters and a Yay Yay or Nay Nay that’s one part sexy, two parts bitters and muddled with awesome.

Dylan sits Pervside and Bloodcow is announcing that they’re playing Cochella, Castle Donnington and Riot Fest.

Get your tickets to Corey Feldman before they sell out!

You can purchase tickets to Corey Feldman Live at Maloney’s Irish Pub HERE




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