Episode 62 of the Full Hard Podcast with Science Correspondent Sonja

EP62: The League of Seven!

Greetings fellow space travelers and welcome to another edition of The Big Black Muff Show The Full Hard Podcast.

In the $2 million dollar studio we have Full Hard Science expert Sonja Smith to answer questions about TRAPPIST-1, also designated:

2MASS J23062928-0502285

While talking about schooling in general, Josh reveals this truth… homework is stupid and time consuming which leads to a conversation about the metric system. You know who uses the metric system? Scientists and drug dealers… you don’t try to buy a half cup of cocaine.

This weeks FH5 is Album Covers and Eric brings a YY or NN about Music Videos and their Directors.

This show is brought to you by ‘Random Outbursts’.

Check it out.



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