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EP68: Vintage Grocery Stores and Tennis Ball Boys

This week on the Big Black Muff Show the guys talk vintage Council Bluffs grocery stores like Hinky Dinky and Scaggs.  J.J.’s sister had a baby and the guys talk about what type of cool Uncle stuff you can do like eat ice creme for breakfast and curse your ass off.

Josh talks about his prediction that kinda did but didn’t come true. We remake the scene from the end of Inglorious Bastards, “You can take that hat off… but you can’t take this off” (Carves MAGA into forehead)

The guys talk the free range child experiment we are doing with politics and ask when the adults will finally come in and fix our bullshit.

Josh tells a story about the tennis ball boys at the public pool.

Eric brings us a FH5 of Good Bands With Shitty Names and a YYNN about Movie Franchises

Making Podcasts Great Again… check it out.


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