The Full Hard Podcast with Josh and J.J.

EP69: Movies, Wrestling and the Wu Klux Klan

*Editors note: The following episode description should be read in the voice of Randy Macho Man Savage

Hey Brother! Welcome to another fine episode of the Full Hard Podcast! Ohhh Yeaahhh!

The guys saw some movies, J.J. watched Baby Driver and Josh Dunkirk. What did they think? Listen to find out.

Eric brings us a body slammin Ohh Yeahhh FH5 Wrestling story lines and Craigslist Love flirts with Tinder.

As this is the last episode in the $2,000,000 studio the guys talk about all the great times that were had like the time Tom Hanks stopped by and the Grand Wizard of the Klan showed us his Wu-Tang tattoo.



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