EP7: Julian Henning

Magician Julian Henning joins us in the million dollar studio to talk magic. Actually, the guest chair was empty, then it wasn’t, he just appeared…we know it’s an audio medium but you’ll have to trust us that that is exactly the way it happened…pretty much.

In this full hard episode we talk about:

  • Why won’t they just use your account number to look up your account?
  • Filet mignon or horse dicks, your dog will happily eat it.
  • Male Bag
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Full Hard Five
  • Knowledge ‘n Shit with Eric Holmes
  • What the shit?

And more, on this magical episode of The Full Hard Podcast.

Check out all the cool stuff Julian is up to:

Julian’s Facebook


EP7: Julian Henning

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