EP8: Ryan Osbahr

In this episode of Downton Kanesville we gather in the tea room and discuss such pleasantries as:

  • Lady Gammahooch and Lord Beardsplitter
  • Full Hard 5
  • Josh’s Spring Break
  • St Patricks Day
  • The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD and J.J.’s first Amibo
  • A classy Knowledge ‘n Shit with Eric Holmes
  • A Donald Trump free Six Pack… (not really)

PLUS!!!! We have musician Ryan Osbahr in the studio to discuss his upcoming album and get an exclusive listen to┬áhis debut single ‘Easy Way Out’ right here on The Full Hard Podcast!

You can find all things about Ryan Osbahr HERE.


EP8: Ryan Osbahr

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  1. Hey dudes. There is a comedian in town named Ryan De la Garza. He is part of a great comedy group in Omaha and he hosts events at Lookout Lounge. Super nice guy, really funny and has great opinions. Might be fun to drag another comedian into your studio someday.

    thanks for the podcast guys. it almost feels like you make it just for me. Once a week i get to spend an hour or so laughing my ass off with some buddies i don’t see anymore.

    1. I will look into it ! You’re welcome Tom, I miss you too. That’s why I spy on you through your electronic device when you listen to us. I feel apart of your world. Keep the comments, questions, etc. coming, that’s where most enjoyment of this comes from. Shalom !

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