EP9: PWP Cody Murphy & Zac James w/guest host Jason Kelly

On this Easter edition of the FHP, Westside Proletariat’s front man Jason Kelly joins us as first ever guest host. The 3 of us talk a little rasslin’ with Zac James & Cody Murphy representing the PWP. “Hell yeah!”

Eric Holmes delivers another spine breaking Full Hard five, and elbow drops some knowledge and shit all the way from the Rocky Mountains. “Oh Yeah!”
The 6-pack of news wonders: what is becoming of the Republican party? Is anyone Hopelessly devoted to Olivia Newton-John? What’s with that flag, Nebraska? and more….

Batman V Superman review, dumpsters, JJ’s entertainment minute, the Mailbag, poll results and lots more tangle inside a steel cage ! It’s too much…. BROTHER !

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