Full Hard News

Half Ton of Awesome!

Our show has been a work in progress as far as getting everything up and running behind the scenes ; website, distribution, setting up download stats, etc… But checking the numbers this morning we have officially surpassed 1000 downloads!

It’s humbling to us that people like what we’re doing and continue to listen and it’s way cool to see that our audience is growing week by week.

So…Thank you for listening to us talk about stupid shit! We super appreciate it.

Please spread the word, tell a friend and rate/review us on iTunes.

Hail Xenu

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  1. That is awesome and well deseved. I listen to lots of different podcasts and yours is one of my favorite. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Summer! We appreciate you listening. You see, without you, it would just be two guys talking about dumb stuff… but NOT recording it. We yearn to share our sassiness with you (it has nothing to do with our narcissism…probably) and when you listen we feel it deep, deep in the vast blood pumping tubes of our hearts. We promise to always tape with glorious allegiance to you our faithful listeners.

      Sizzlingly yours,

      One of your favorite podcasts (that feels cool to type)

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