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If you are┬álike me and I like to think that I am, then you like to “Subscribe” to your podcasts. Well guess what?

You can now subscribe to The Full Hard Podcast on iTunes! Isn’t that awesome? It is quite the feat until you log into iTunes and see that there are approximately 127,387 other podcasts on there. How in the sizzle bucket do you distinguish yourself from the crowd? It just so happens that if you leave us a review in iTunes, and if we get enough of them, then that will help to get us noticed by the Podcasting Record Labels and then we can sign a record deal and get rich and famous. Will we forget about you people, the ones that listened from the very beginning and got us off of the ground? Probably. But still… RICH AND FAMOUS!!!!

You know we would never deny you the pleasure of getting to say that you new someone before they were famous. And you would totally have that going for you.

In short, leave us a review on iTunes so that we can go Maserati shopping or some shit.


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