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EP3: Sack of Lions

Welcome to episode 3 of your favorite podcast! This week, we have Dan Important and Dylan Wade from Sack of Lions in the studio for this very special Valentines Day episode.

Topics include:

  • Songs to bone to in an ’83 Camaro
  • A Love themed Knowledge ‘n Shit with Eric Holmes
  • It’s okay as long as it’s art… and no one is watching.
  • The latest Batman v Superman trailer
  • What to do when someone dismisses your high five (hint, you brush back the side of your hair and call them a pussy)

And much, much more on this extremely hard episode.


Episode 3: Sack of Lions

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    1. I’m curious to see how it plays out as far as his story line. Some people were turned off by what they saw in the trailer where he introduces Supes and Bats to each other. Funny thing is, the complaint that he was too campy is ironic considering the original Superman movies with Gene Hackman* were kinda campy.

      *side note: I know Christopher Reeve was not the original on screen Superman but schmeh… he was to me.

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